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What if I have diarrhea while I am pregnant?

Patients who are pregnant can acquire a gastroenteritis just as a nonpregnant woman can. It may be related to "food poisoning" or other source. The treatment is the same whether you are pregnant or not.
Consider the following if the symptoms are new onset and not associated with alert signs such as fever, bloody diarrhea, and weight loss:

  • Clear liquids, bland diet until symptoms resolve
  • Imodium AD

Alert! Patients should take medicines during pregnancy only as a last alternative. Many medicines are considered "safe" when taken during pregnancy, and are described as such here; however, these declarations are usually made via observational studies of populations. They are rarely made as the result of rigorous study. Thus, caution and restraint should be exercised in starting any medication, prescription or over the counter, during pregnancy.

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